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About Brittany & Delanie


Nice to meet you! Our names are Brittany & Delanie, and we have been best friends (or sisters as we call ourselves) since elementary school.

Brittany has always loved making cards, and her love for them has only grown since she lost her vision. The most important thing to her is being able to touch and hold the card in her hands.

When one of our sisters, Siobhan, moved to England for two years, we couldn't understand why Brit was so set on sending her physical cards. We thought - why not just send a text or an e-card?


Brittany went on to explain that it was so important to send a physical card because she knew what it would feel like in Siobhan's hand when she opened itSometimes we can get lost in the world of technology and underestimate the impact that a handwritten card can have.


Brittany has started this business with Delanie and the help of the other sisters in order to touch hearts all around the world through cards.

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